Youth Engagment

Inter-Generational Dialogue

The IGD with Heads of State and Government and key continental and global institutional Leaders, key youth constituencies including university students, National Youth Councils, social justice actors, African diaspora and media among others is one of the ways envisaged in improving the contact between youth and key policy makers, in order to achieve understanding and solidarity between them. This event provides a platform for the voices of young people to be heard by decision-makers at the highest level facilitating dialogue between the two generations which will in turn promote an attitude where challenges are seen as opportunities, instead of focusing on the negative consequences that might appear. Creating spaces for reflection, listening and exchange of ideas between young people, Heads of State and Government, business leaders and other policy makers and stakeholders on issues that concern the youth and their rights, including how to achieve the demographic dividend and realize Agenda 2063 and the SDGs is one way in which we try and engage young people. The notion of meeting such key influencers and networks in-person is the pull factor.

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