Youth Engagment

African Union Clubs

Agenda 2063 includes a “Call to Action” that urges Africans and people of African descent to

support Young people as drivers of Africa’s renaissance, through investment in their health, education and access to technology, opportunities and capital, and concerted strategies to combat youth unemployment and underemployment. Encourage exchange and Pan Africanism amongst young people through the formation of AU Clubs in all schools, colleges and universities. Ensure faster movement on the harmonization of continental admissions, curricula, standards, programmes and qualifications and raising the standards of higher education to enhance the mobility of African youth and talent across the continent by 2025.

African Union Clubs are a network of clubs through which youth can take positive and proactive ownership of national, regional and continental programmes, policies and legal instruments-particularly those targeting women and youth; contributing to their development and their implementation. This vision will be achieved first-and-foremost by fostering and nurturing a strong sense of Pan-Africanism, making youth more aware of Africa’s history and trajectory, and also instilling within them a commitment to volunteerism. The clubs should facilitate stronger youth involvement in the formulation and implementation of youth programmes, policies and legal instruments; and supporting the implementation of these policies and programmes by harnessing the youth’s social capital as a way of overcoming resource and capacity limitations.

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