Africa German Youth Initiative

Africa German Youth Initiative The African-German Youth Initiative (AGYI) is a multi-lateral initiative of the African Union Commission and the German Government aimed at enhancing youth exchange [...]

African Youth Charter

African Youth Charter In July 2006, African Union Head of States and Governments meeting in Banjul, Gambia, endorsed the African Youth Charter (AYC). The Charter is a political and legal document [...]

Model African Union

Model African Union Model African Union is a simulation of the African Union (AU), bringing together youth from across Africa and the world at large to take on the roles of African leaders [...]

African Union Volunteer Corps

African Union Volunteer Corps   The African Union Youth Volunteers Corps (AU-YVC) is one of African Union’s initiatives for promoting youth participation, capacity building and empowerment [...]

African Union Clubs

African Union Clubs Agenda 2063 includes a “Call to Action” that urges Africans and people of African descent to support Young people as drivers of Africa’s renaissance, through investment in [...]

Inter-Generational Dialogue

Inter-Generational Dialogue The IGD with Heads of State and Government and key continental and global institutional Leaders, key youth constituencies including university students, National Youth [...]

International Youth Day

International Youth Day International Youth Day is celebrated every year on 12th of August. At the AUC, the commemoration aims at bringing the African voice to the worldwide celebrations, while [...]

Africa Youth Day

Africa Youth Day On the occasion of the African Youth Charter adoption in the Executive Council Decision of the Banjul Summit 2006 (DOC.EX.CL./292 (IX) the 1st of November was proclaimed and [...]

Internships at the AU

Internships at the AU Purpose: The purpose of the Internship at AUC is to provide graduate students with a chance to gain exposure to the work of the AUC in the hopes that some will be interested [...]

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