Africa Youth Day 1st November 2018

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The 1st of November was proclaimed and instituted on the occasion of the African Youth Charter adoption in the Executive Council Decision of the Banjul Summit in 2006 Assembly/AU/Dec.591 (XXV) as the official day for the celebration of African Youth Day.


The 2018 Africa Youth Day commemoration will be held for a series of events under the theme “Raising Youth Voices Against Corruption in Africa .” This is in line with the African Union theme of the year “Winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation


This years Africa Youth Day Continental celebration would be held in AUC headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


The AYD theme of the year is in line with various decisions and declarations focusing on the engagement and development of young people. The AU Demographic Dividend Roadmap’s fourth pillar, for instance, highlights the importance of ensuring participatory, representative and inclusive political processes of young people that are increasingly educated, cosmopolitan, and tech-savvy. Moreover, youth empowerment and engagement in different sectors will diminish the risk of corruption.


Find the link ” AYD TOOTLKIT.pdf ” to the Africa Youth Day toolkit to use to organize and popularize the Africa Youth Day in your institution,organization, society, nation and region.

 Remember to share event pictures,messages,videos and artwork on with us on #AfricaYouthDay #YouthAgainstCorruption and #BetheFutureToday


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